LogoLast night, the BB Game went into overdrive.  The House guests were advised that double HOH is now a thing of the past, which brought to an end the Battle of the Block.  We are back to good old, original Big Brother.

The show began with a recap of the days since Zach’s nomination.  He fought hard, but it was clear from the minute Frankie buried the knife in his back that his game was over.

As expected, Zach was evicted; however I was surprised to see Donny vote for him, I thought he would hold true to his word.  (It’s not like he has anything to lose, he is dead man walking in the BB house.)

Zach, being Zach, he went out with comedy and in his own unique way, dropping Fruit Loops on the other contestants as he left.  His interview with Julie was fun and he was honest.  Zach admitted he had no idea how to best play the game and he was his own worst enemy because of his antics.

He then got some of his own medicine from the other houseguests in their farewell comments, Christine being especially cruel and classless.  (There was a difference when Zach did it, he was FUNNY and jovial in his douchery, Christine is neither, she is just douche and  being carried along to 5th place in the game!)

Zach holds no grudge towards anyone in the house, (well maybe Victoria, but I believe that is more for show than anything else) and especially continues to hold Frankie in high regard.  It would be interesting to see if that changes after Zach has gone home and watched ALL the tapes of the summer.

Zach is out.

BB16 Zach

Julie then announces to him that he will now compete to get back in the house.  I have to admit, I am not 100% sure Zach completely wanted to get back in the house, but he troopered on and fought alongside Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole for a return.

With all the other houseguests “cheering” the evicted members during their return competition, a close victory put Nicole as the winner and back in the house.



If you do not want to know who won HOH after the show went off the air, STOP reading NOW!!!!!

Taking place after the CBS show went off the air, the competition came down to Donny and Cody.

Evidently the competition was a question and answer, with both competitors getting the final right answer, however Cody edged Donny in a squeaker to become the new HOH.

The lines have already been drawn, Donny and Nicole will be nominated for eviction.


#BB16 – NOW Is the Time for a REAL Zach-Attack @BigBrotherNet @CBSBigBrother


For those of you only watching the CBS version of Big Brother, last night you saw Frankie’s final betrayal of Zach.

Throughout the season, Frankie has back-stabbed Zach every chance he got and made him target number one with each of the Team America challenges.  While Zach is not innocent, he certainly didn’t draw first blood.

Frankie has manipulated Zach throughout the season and talked about him behind his back every chance he got.  Last night, the ultimate slap in the face, a backdoor, with a bad rap.

Zach will get evicted tonight;  however what Frankie doesn’t know, is as soon as he walks out the door, he is going to have the chance to get right back in the game.

TONIGHT, is when the Zach-attack needs to go into overdrive.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Frankie’s face when and if Zach goes back into the game after being evicted.  At this point, Zach has had enough of the manipulation and I hope he will come back with a vengeance.  Getting Frankie should be his only goal, if he has to have a back-up, it should be Christine.

For me, what would be the greatest irony, IF CBS would do it…. summer of surprise and all! ……  whichever houseguests comes back into the game tonight…. THEY are the Head of Household.

We, the viewers know, (the house doesn’t) that the double HOH and BOB is now over, what a game changer if the evicted houseguest comes back and is HOH.  THAT would be AWESOME!

Tonight, I will be rooting for Zach, he needs to get back in the house, he can shake it up and spread fear like wildfire with the remaining cast.

GO ZACH GO!!!!!!!!!!!

BB16 Zach